Update on Rwandan Kitenge Earrings!

Who’s ready to see what’s left in my Rwandan Kitenge earring stash? 🙋‍♀️

My supply is dwindling and I’m giddy over it. I would love to see all of you adorned in these beauties, an empty bag of earrings, and a giant check heading off to Beatrice to continue the life-transforming work she is doing at the prison for women. I can imagine no better way to celebrate Christmas than this! 🎄

I’ve saved some of the best ones for last, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet and want to, now’s your chance. Message me and I’ll get them to ya! Check the blog for a complete listing of all available inventory!


Small earrings (1.5″ diameter) are $8 each

Medium earrings (2″ diameter) are $10 each

Large earrings (2.5″ diameter) are $12 each

Teardrop earrings ( 2.5″ length)are $10 each

*shipping $5 if not local

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