Rwandan Kitenge Earrings

Want to make an impact with your gifts this Christmas season? I’ve got a little somethin’ for ya! Beatrice is a bright shining star I met in Rwanda earlier this year. She is smart, kind, compassionate, and so so driven. A survivor of the 1994 genocide, former nurse midwife and now NGO founder, she’s doing some amazing work giving voice to the voiceless, particularly women and girls in prison in the capital city of Kigali.


Beatrice and I in Kigali this past June. Practically sisters, right?

I believe so much in what she’s doing that I’m partnering with Beatrice to help raise necessary funding for the continued work at the prison. After a bit of dreaming, discussing, and creating, I just received this first batch of handicraft goods from Beatrice through her work with Family Harmony Builders Organization, and I’m so excited to share them with you!

These earrings are made from kitenge, a traditional fabric worn by women in Rwanda. Each pair is beautiful and unique, just like each woman. When you wear these earrings you are not only supporting this incredible organization financially. You see, the earrings are made by the women in prison. This means they are learning vocational skills in handcrafting, a necessary tool to help break the cycle of incarceration and ultimately move into a future of hope and restoration at the time of their release. So when you buy a pair, you are actually helping to change not only these women lives but the lives of their children. You are changing the trajectory of their future. So. What are you waiting for?

I’ll be posting a few pairs for sale each week. Take a look and see if there’s anything that tickles your fancy! Like I said, each one is unique, so once they’re gone, they’re gone! Be sure to check back every few days for new additions.

  • Small earrings (1.5″ diameter) are $8 each
  • Medium earrings (2″ diameter) are $10 each
  • Large earrings (2.5″ diameter) are $12 each
  • Teardrop earrings ( 2.5″ length)are $10 each

Images below are front and back of each pair. They come with silicone earring backs and a sheer gift bag.

Since this isn’t exactly a sales website, if you’d like to order, simply message me your name and address and which number(s) you want. You can text me at (206) 604-2890 or email me at There will be a $5 shipping charge for each order. I take Paypal (, Venmo (@Addie-Pascal), cash (for locals), or check. I’ll send them out to you ASAP.

Thanks for helping change the world one pair of earrings at a time! I sincerely hope you enjoy them.


001 Pink Teardrop- SOLD


002 Green Teardrop- SOLD


003 Small Purple Teal- SOLD


004 Small Brown Polka Dot- SOLD


005 Small Black Orange- SOLD


006- Medium Blue Yellow- SOLD


007 Medium Green Polka Dot-SOLD


008 Large Blue Brown- SOLD


009 Large Yellow Blue


010 Large Pink


011 Brown Teardrops SOLD 

012 Navy Teardrops SOLD 

013 Small Pink and Black 

014 Small Blue and Yellow SOLD 

015 Small Wine and Mustard SOLD 

016 Medium Brown and Black Striped SOLD 

017 Medium Ladybug 

018 Large Dark Red and Orange 

019 Large Pink and Yellow

020 Large Navy and Yellow SOLD 


030 Small Pink and Blue SOLD

031 Medium Yellow Geo

025 Medium Blue Leaves SOLD 

032 Medium Animal Print SOLD

022- Medium Red Yellow Moons SOLD 

033 Large Red and Blue Stitch SOLD

034 Large Pink and Green Splat 

024 Large Blue Brown Dots SOLD 

029 Large Dark Blue SOLD 

026 Small Blue Squares SOLD

038- Small Brown Black Turquoise

036- Small Blue and Pink SOLD 

039- Medium Pink and Blue Geo SOLD 

040- Medium Red and Blue Tribal 

041- Medium Orange Blue White 

042- Large Black and Yellow Stripe SOLD 

043- Large Purple Dahlias SOLD 


044- Large Red Tribal 

035- Large Yellow and Black Stripe SOLD 

045- Large Blue and Yellow Leaves 

8 thoughts on “Rwandan Kitenge Earrings

  1. Addie,This is a lovely thing to do and to offer!    I’m out of town and not an earring wearer, but I commend you and hope the sales will go well.Advent Blessings,Martha


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