Addie_Frame templateHi there, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Addie and I’m a native Pacific Northwesterner transplanted high up in the Tetons in Jackson Hole, WY. My husband Ben and I are raising our three precious offspring right here amongst these majestic mountains. This seems to require about 26 hours a day. When we aren’t doing that, Ben can be found featured in Esquire Magazine for his keen sense of fashion. But mainly he can be found working his tail off  as the Senior Pastor of a large and vibrant local church community.

As for me….I’ve spent the last 16+ years contributing to society by way of nursing. Nursing is all at once wild and intimate, exhausting and fulfilling. Days are marked by both laughter and tears. Nursing stretched me and grew me in ways I didn’t know were possible and introduced me to some of the most interesting and kind and tender-hearted bad-ass people I’ve ever known. It was a fantastic career choice, one I took great pride and satisfaction in for many years.

But after a while I grew weary.

Very weary.

I knew I wasn’t quite exactly in my lane. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to make a change.

I found myself continually drawn to writing.

I love writing; it is the way I make sense of the world around me. I have written several blogs prior to this: here and here. I received such an overwhelming response of love and encouragement for my writing.

So I created this space. It is an outpouring of my soul, the offering of my heart. It’s real life stuff, funny stuff, hard stuff. My hope is that it will be a space of inspiration, hope, truth, restoration, community, and laughter. So much laughter.

So what exactly can one read about here, Addie?

I’m so glad you asked.

This isn’t a Mommy Blog, but…as you know by now I have three children. And those crazy spawn are a huge part of me. They are the ones who make me lose my sanity with their sass one minute, then make me giggly uncontrollably with, oh, I don’t know…a perfectly-timed fart. Momming stories are the kinds of stories you can’t make up, my friends. I shall merely recount them all up in here.

This isn’t an Adoption Blog, but…adoption is a big part of our family story. The journey to bring her home was long and hard. But the journey to enmesh our lives together as a family has only just begun. There was so much I didn’t know and so much I am still learning. You can be sure adoption stories will be found here. I’m talking about the hard stuff as well as the glittery highlights.

This isn’t a Food Blog, but…food is my love language. I love so much about it. I love to shop for it, prepare it, cook it, and of course eat it. Food is such a tangible way to nourish and care for those around us. When we share a meal around the table together, we nourish our souls as well as our bodies. I can’t not talk about food. So. I will.

This isn’t a Travel/Adventure Blog, but…I love me some travel adventures. Traveling awakens the soul, enriches my mind, and gives me perspective I can’t get at home. Remember how I have three kids? So yeah. When I do get to travel, either as a family or as a couple or even solo, you know I’ma definitely be writing about that. Join me on a journey to an exotic and far away land…and also to Idaho Falls.

This isn’t a Spiritual Blog, but…I would not be sharing much if I didn’t share about all the ways that praying and having friends who are saints and knowing the tenderness and the goodness of Jesus have impacted me straight to my core. I hope you will receive these writings in particular with as gentle and open hands as I offer them to you.

Dear friend and reader, it is an honor and a privilege to share this space with you. Thank you for taking the time to show up. I hope it is as much a blessing for you to read as it is for me to write.


Family Portrait by Kathy Robertson ~ http://www.treasuresiseek.com