What Will You Say?

When the grandchildren of this generation ask what role you played in the crises of 2020, what will you say? 


What will you tell them about how your voice, your actions shaped the narrative that is now history, permanently embedded in the fabric of the society in which they now live? Will the stories you share be stories of love in action, justification of self-preservation, or just plain silence? 


Will you be forced to speak of your support of “leaders” whose words and actions fueled the divide of humanity, infecting society with fear and hatred and deception? Or will you tell them that you stood up with courage and integrity, called out evil, and fought for what is right rather than what is comfortable? Will you tell them that you cared far greater about people than party? 


Or will you share how you not only taught your children that racism is utterly and undeniably wrong but that you worked hard to recognize and unlearn your own racism too? Will you speak of your willingness to have uncomfortable conversations, make inconvenient choices, and ultimately work to break down the walls built stone by stone over generations to reveal a way forward in love with our brothers and sisters of color? Or will you talk about how your silence helped to maintain your comfortable lifestyle at the continued cost of justice, the cost of equality, the cost of literal life for so many others?  


Will you tell them how you chose to protect the vulnerable, the sick, the poor?  Will you tell them that you not only looked for the helpers, but that you were a helper? Or will you say you followed “leaders” whose answers suited you better than the counsel of experts in science and medicine? Will you tell them that, in the name of freedom, you chose YOU and not US? 


Will you tell them that you made choices to protect the earth from destruction so that they and their children could have a fighting chance, not only for survival but for a thriving life? Or will you admit to carelessness, to indifference, to unwillingness to believe in the limits of resources, the destruction from mass consumerism, and the permanent damage that is the result of immediate gratification? 


Will you tell them how you welcomed the stranger or deadbolted the door? Or will you have to tell them how your complacency widened the chasm, further pushing those already marginalized beyond the edges of society? What role will you tell them you played in changing a system that leaves cracks for the most vulnerable to perpetually fall through? Will you speak of how you intentionally took the time to learn how those cracks formed and fought for changes to patch them up? Or will you admit to a NIMBY (not in my backyard) mentality?


Will you claim ignorance or education, pride or humility, integrity or deceitfulness, selfishness or generosity, hostility or kindness, violence or peace, hatred or love, as your guiding lights? 


Will you tell them that your heart broke at the suffering of others? Will you tell them of your bitter tears or a stone cold heart? Will you tell them the truth so they can do better than we did?


When the grandchildren of this generation ask what role you played in the crises of 2020, what will you say? 


4 thoughts on “What Will You Say?

  1. Nicely done.
    Like Ben’s sermon this morning.

    I’m proud of you both!

    Sent from my phone. Please excuse my spelling, typo’s or other errorrs.


  2. I will tell them how much I appreciated those that shed light in the darkness by asking the tough questions that caused me to self examine my role in our country’s crises of 2020 and of our fragile planet in the future. Thank you Addie.


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